The Wizard Guitar

Jordan Rudess Signature 

Jordan Rudess Signature Wizard guitar is available in 7 and 8 string versions.

This is a 100% handmade instrument equipped with Bare Knuckle pickups and T4M hardware.

The inlay has been designed by Mika Tyyska

Comes with a custom flight case and certificate of authenticity.


Oktane is available in 6, 7, and 8 string format and is a fully customizable instrument.

Define the wood, scale length ( multiscale, pickups, hardware, inlay, and any other options to get your perfect headless instrument. Each instrument is individually priced based on the specyfication.


ST is a 6 string classic orientated handmade instrument. However, the shape stays unchanged the other elements like color, wood, hardware, and electronics can be customized.


Draco is fully customizable. Choose the pickups, neck profile, hardware, and finish.

Available in 6 and 7 string format


5 string Multiscale Ukulele called "Rozalia"

Available for order

Body: Koa wood

Neck: Mahogany

Fingerboard and bridge: Rosewood

Electronics: L.R.Baggs

Bass guitars

Each bass is one of a kind and is available for a custom order.