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Check out the progress of the new Jordan Rudess' multi-instrument!

Hello Friends!

It has been a while since you have seen the video of the conceptual instrument, the AXEKEY which we are working on with the Wizard Jordan! 

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and number of people who commented on the video as well as liked it. Thank you all!


Thank you very much to those of you who signed up to our mailing list and are eager to know more about the progress of the project.


Over the last few months, based on the first prototype, we’ve been carrying out regular trial and error sessions and have been continuously refining the design to improve ergonomics.

We’ve adjusted keys to assist with comfort and separated the bass octave key and relocated to the adjustable arm, to improve ease to access and to avoid hitting the bottom of the neck of the guitar whilst playing notes with the left hand.

Based on the above the second working prototype was created/amended which contains two keyboards attached at a more comfortable angle allowing Jordan to utilize the instrument even more.

See the photos below!


At the same time, the graphical visuals and concepts are being prepared to give the instrument not only a practical approach but also a cool-looking modern shape.


I would like to say massive thanks to the excellent keyboard manufacturer Fatar who was kind enough to prepare and send us the keyboards for use within the instrument.


Have a great day!


Stay tuned for more updates!

Prototype no.1
It was made to check the ergonomics, orientation, and balance between the guitar and the keyboard.
Jordan has tested it and gave feedback during the Dream Theater tour, once in the UK in February 2023. Based on this prototype and information the development of the instrument has started.

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